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Introducing Quintax®

What is Quintax?

  • Quintax is a powerful BPS Registered tool used for selecting and developing people at work.  It is also extremely effective in career and outplacement counselling, and in coaching settings.  Quintax is widely applicable in talent acquisition and management, as it helps the user make good decisions about people resources.
  • Quintax is an On-line questionnaire with 72 questions that can be completed typically in under 10 minutes.  Reports are available immediately for download on completion of the questionnaire.
  • With purpose built pre-prepared exercises available, Quintax can also be used to set-up and run development workshops for groups of staff.
  • As it is On-line Quintax can be used to assess people on your premises or remotely.
  • Quintax can be used effectively with staff at a wide range of levels including administrative, managerial, supervisory, graduate, general professional, and beyond.
  • Our consultants can provide help and advice on how to introduce Quintax assessment to your organisation to gain maximum acceptance and value although frankly this is rarely needed!  
  • Quintax can be used via our Bureau Service, or you can become a Quintax account holder and manage the process of assessment yourself.  For people new to psychometric testing, a 2 day training programme is available to enable you to become a Quintax Authorised User (i.e. an account holder).
  • People who are already qualified to Test User: Personality (Level B) of the British Psychological Society's psychometric testing standards can become Quintax Authorised Users by purchasing a 'Quintax Starter Pack'.  This includes a Quintax User Guide, an On-line Account Set-Up with 100 units (enough to assess up to 4 people), and an optional free day of training on our Quintax 1 day Conversion Programme.
  • SR&A also offer Test User: Ability and Test User: Personality training courses so that you can become Quintax qualified and obtain BPS qualification at the same time if you so wish.
  • Quintax has the BPS quality mark for a psychological test (see logo above) and it has an extremely good BPS review - see 'Background and History' below for details

How else can Quintax be of value to me?

  • It provides a powerful analysis of individual behaviour to help you acquire and manage talent
  • The output reports from Quintax are attractive, easy to understand, and easy to apply
  • It is excellent for use in 1 to 1 feedback, development workshops, career counselling and coaching, as well as in assessment centres and general selection
  • It provides affirming and supportive feedback for development purposes
  • It is based upon modern psychological theory and combines different ways of describing the person to give extra flexibility
  • Respondents find Quintax enjoyable and straightforward to complete, and react positively to the feedback it provides
  • See report samples (from different assessees) of:
  • It comes with a wide range of support materials for the more technical user, including a User Guide, an Interpretation Guide, and a DVD demonstration of Quintax Feedback.  Other resources include feedback prompts and tools for structuring and progressing one-to-one feedback, together with workshop exercises for using Quintax as a management development workshop tool


Quintax Background and History

A versatile innovation in personality profiling and type indication

Quintax is a powerful and innovative personality questionnaire developed, trialled and normed in the UK by Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd. Authored by Chartered Psychologists Stuart Robertson & Derek Wilkie, Quintax was first published in 1998 in the UK. With an excellent review from the British Psychological Society, it was one of the first questionnaires to acquire the Society’s quality mark for a psychological test when this standard came into being. The Internet based Quintax On-line was launched in July 2002, one of the first psychometric tools to be launched on the Web. A Bureau Service is also available for those who would like to gain the advantages of using Quintax in assessment without taking the step of training and qualifying as an independent Authorised User of the questionnaire.  Click the purple panel on the right for details of specific Quintax materials, pricing, etc.  Click here for details of Quintax training.

Quintax Questionnaire PTC

How to try Quintax On-line

If you are thinking of becoming a Quintax Authorised User, or if you are considering using the Quintax Bureau Service, you can try out Quintax On-line for free!

Call us to discuss your requirements on +44 (0)161 877 3277.


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