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About SR&A

For over 27 years, SR&A has been building an enviable reputation for the quality and integrity of its products and services.

The SR&A Approach
Our approach is based on a number of key principles:

  • The application of psychological knowledge and techniques to the assessment and development of people in the workplace, for the benefit of all.
  • Solutions designed and implemented to meet client’s needs, with projects led and delivered by Chartered Psychologists.
  • A commitment to appropriate use of information technology to provide quality assured analysis within short time scales.
  • Provision of high quality training to disseminate knowledge to those who are developing skills in assessment.
  • An investment in the design and development of assessment tools such as psychological tests, assessment and development centre exercises and interpretative software.
  • A commitment and contribution to the professional regulation of psychologists’ conduct through appropriate professional associations.

Our professional guarantee

All of our lead consultants are professionally qualified psychologists with many years of experience in training, research and professional practice in the applications of psychology to business needs.

We have contributed significantly to broader professional initiatives in psychological assessment, being particularly involved on an ongoing basis in the implementation of standards of competence in occupational testing through the British Psychological Society.

As an independent company, we select and design assessment tools appropriate to the requirements of each assignment. SR&A psychologists have full access to most English language tests and measures available in Europe.

SR&A also maintain an active approach to research and development, collaborating with local Universities on a number of research projects, and supporting postgraduate research wherever possible.


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